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Solution for Enterprises

EasyBroadcast’s end-to-end OTT streaming solution lets you deliver high-quality, reliable communications to employees and clients across the globe, with reduced dependency on network bandwidth.

Launching OTT communications for your enterprise is now blazing fast with EasyBroadcast’s enterprise streaming solution.

• Host web conferences and meetings
• Stream events
• Provide e-learning opportunities
• Measure your network performance with an online dashboard

Extend Reach and
improve communication

One solution provides all the tools you need to keep employees informed and engaged

Monitor All
Your Activities

Manage your events and monitor viewers in real time for increased reliability


Improve QoE with faster startup, less buffering, and reduced latency


Track your employees’ activity through comprehensive, real-time data

flexible integration

Introduce streaming to your entire organization

Our patented technology will save your business up to 90% on costs related to video bandwidth. We reduce congestion and improve latency, ensuring a flawless viewing experience, and better engagement.

Traditional enterprise streaming requires a significant amount of bandwidth. EasyBroadcast helps you turn a large audience into an asset. Our hybrid solution combines a standard client-server model and a Viewer-Assisted Delivery broadcasting model, where each computer acts as a distribution server as soon as it receives a piece of information. Viewers are selected intelligently via geolocation and QoS matching algorithms to optimize connections.

Streaming with EasyBroadcast

Streaming traditional



Manage your events and measure your audience

With EasyBroadcast, managing web conferences, speeches, and corporate events is a breeze.

• With our content management system, you can instantly upload replay, e-learning, or any « watch later » content
• Manage publication templates
• Track viewing patterns with our audience dashboard
• Track bandwidth efficiency with our network performance dashboard
• Streamline platform monitoring, configuration, and setup


Enjoy full control over the entire streaming process with:
Local intranet streaming servers
Local software and support


We offer: SaaS business model with no hardware or software installation required
Cloud-based OTT streaming
Secure Multi-CDN


Communications are encrypted, ensuring the integrity of your content

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